Bill Pay

Pay anyone, or night!

Paying bills online is easier and takes less time than ever!  Once you’ve enrolled and entered your Payees, just enter a payment amount, schedule the payment date, and you are all done!  You can even receive your bills online using e-Bills for many of your Payees/Billers as well.

You decide whom, when, and how often to pay your bills.  Need to cancel or change a payment?  No problem!  You can do so as long as it is prior to the processing date.

How do I get started?

Simply log into Online Banking, select the checking account that you would like to pay your bills from, and click on Bill Payments off the main screen.  Verify your email address, enter a phone number and start entering your Payees!

Who can I pay using Bill Pay?

You can pay almost any individual or business as long as they have a United States mailing address.  Payees/Billers outside of the United States are prohibited.

How do I set up my payments?

You will have to have your bills handy, including the remittance advice.  Add each person/business to your payee list.  There is a vender data base for the majority of your payees.  You only set up the payees once.  Sometimes you will want to set up a Payee with whom you do not have an actual account number.  Simply enter the customer service phone number for that company to enable a database search. If the database does not find a match, you may enter the rest of the information yourself.  If you ever need to change or delete a Payee, that can be done under the Payment Center tab.  Just click on the name of the Payee and make your changes or delete them all together!

Who do I call for help?

You can call the Bill Pay Customer Service at 855-788-6721 between the hours of 6:00 AM- 12:00 AM CT, 7 days a week.  You can also call First Security Bank at 507-775-2316.

If you have questions feel free to Contact us.