Bill Pay

Just think, no more writing, no more stamping, no more licking, just clicking!

And the “clicking” is FREE!  

    Visit this link to view our Bill Pay Demo

On-line bill pay is NOT the same as the auto pay service that many companies offer. With bill pay, you are in control. You decide who gets paid and when! With bill pay you can pay anyone - from the kid across the street who mows your lawn to your mortgage company. The best deal, it is FREE!

How do I get started?

Simply log into Online Banking.  At the bottom of the account page, you will see that the bill payment system is ready for your use. You do not have to create another password for bill pay. The one you use for your internet banking allows you access to the bill pay system.

How do I set up my payments?

You will have to have your bills handy, including the remittance advice. Add each person/business to your payee list. There is a vendor data base for the majority of your payees. If your payee is not in the list, the bill payment system will locate them for you and then add them to the data base. You only set up the payees once. The bill payment system creates your custom list of payees.

Who do I call for help?

There is a live chat within the bill pay system. If you can’t get your questions answered there, there is a 800# number provided which provides 24x7 service. Always remember you can call First Security Bank as well!

If you have questions on Online Banking, or Bill Pay, please feel free to contact us.