User-friendly FSB e-Statements are safer than paper and always at your fingertips.

How E-Statements work:

  • e-Statements will eliminate postal mail time and you'll receive an e-mail notification when your statement is available.
  • After you enroll and going forward, you will have access to 18 months of e-Statements available at your fingertips.
  • All your statements are stored at First Security Bank for 6 years, and you can request a copy of any statement at any time for a minimal $3.00 charge.
  • e-Statements are saved as PDFs, which you can access, save, and print as needed.
  • e-Statements are available for many accounts, including: checking, savings, home mortgages, personal loans and lines of credit, home equity loans and lines of credit.
  • Switching to e-Statements is absolutely FREE.  There is no cost to make the switch to online statements.

Are E- Statements Safe?  Yes!

  • e-Statements are secure. In addition to the security provided by our server, your password adds another level of protection.
  • Your e-Statements are only viewable when you are signed in to your secure Online Banking account.
  • e-Statements help you avoid identity theft, since paper statements left in a mail box or around the house are more susceptible to fraud.
  • e-Statements help protect the environment and reduce paper clutter.

How to get started:

  1. To sign up, click here.
  2. Or email us

If you have recently declined e-statements but wish to sign up at this time, please follow the below instructions to enroll.

  • Log into Online Banking
    • User Options
    • At bottom of this page is the e-statement Enrollment section.
      • All accounts must have valid e-mail addresses attached to them.
      • Minors must also have e-mail.  This can be parents address.
      • Contact Abby to have it added.
    • Follow step by step direction to finish the process.

The emails above are not a secure form of communication.  Please do not include personal information, such as your social security number or any account numbers.