Mobile Banking

What is Mobile Banking?
Mobile Banking allows you to access your account information through text messaging, a mobile web browser, or a downloadable app.  Message and data rates may apply.
Safe and Secure
Mobile Banking delivers the highest level of security, thanks to multiple layers of authentication. A personal password and phone activation code help to ensure your information is fully protected.
Enroll for Mobile Banking
Mobile Banking is available to anyone currently enrolled in our Online Banking service.
Log on to Online Banking, select User Options and then Mobile Banking. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions, select the Mobile Banking services you would like to use, and follow the on-screen instructions.
Download the App
Search for and download the TouchBanking app, you will need to enter the App Code, FSBMOBILE, to activate it.

Bill Pay

Just think, no more writing, no more stamping, no more licking, just clicking!

And the “clicking” is FREE!  

    Visit this link to view our Bill Pay Demo

On-line bill pay is NOT the same as the auto pay service that many companies offer. With bill pay, you are in control. You decide who gets paid and when! With bill pay you can pay anyone - from the kid across the street who mows your lawn to your mortgage company. The best deal, it is FREE!

How do I get started?

Simply log into Online Banking.  At the bottom of the account page, you will see that the bill payment system is ready for your use. You do not have to create another password for bill pay. The one you use for your internet banking allows you access to the bill pay system.

How do I set up my payments?

You will have to have your bills handy, including the remittance advice. Add each person/business to your payee list. There is a vendor data base for the majority of your payees. If your payee is not in the list, the bill payment system will locate them for you and then add them to the data base. You only set up the payees once. The bill payment system creates your custom list of payees.

Who do I call for help?

There is a live chat within the bill pay system. If you can’t get your questions answered there, there is a 800# number provided which provides 24x7 service. Always remember you can call First Security Bank as well!

If you have questions on Online Banking, or Bill Pay, please feel free to contact us.


User-friendly First Security Bank e-Statements are safer than paper and always at your fingertips.

How E-Statements work:

  • e-Statements will eliminate postal mail time and you'll receive an e-mail notification when your statement is available.
  • After you enroll and going forward, you will have access to 18 months of e-Statements available at your fingertips.
  • All your statements are stored at First Security Bank for 6 years, and you can request a copy of any statement at any time for a minimal $3.00 charge.
  • e-Statements are saved as PDFs, which you can access, save, and print as needed.
  • e-Statements are available for many accounts, including: checking, savings, home mortgages, personal loans and lines of credit, home equity loans and lines of credit.
  • Switching to e-Statements is absolutely FREE.  There is no cost to make the switch to online statements.

Are E- Statements Safe?  Yes!

  • e-Statements are secure. In addition to the security provided by our server, your password adds another level of protection.
  • Your e-Statements are only viewable when you are signed in to your secure Online Banking account.
  • e-Statements help you avoid identity theft, since paper statements left in a mail box or around the house are more susceptible to fraud.
  • e-Statements help protect the environment and reduce paper clutter.

How to get started:

  1. To sign up, click here.
  2. Or email us

If you have recently declined e-statements but wish to sign up at this time, please follow the below instructions to enroll.

  • Log into Online Banking
    • User Options
    • At bottom of this page is the e-statement Enrollment section.
      • All accounts must have valid e-mail addresses attached to them.
      • Minors must also have e-mail.  This can be parents address.
      • Contact Erin to have it added.
    • Follow step by step direction to finish the process.

The emails above are not a secure form of communication.  Please do not include personal information, such as your social security number or any account numbers.

Online Banking

Online banking enables you to access your personal accounts 24 hours a day.

How to enroll

  • Request Online Banking service by enrolling online using the following link

What you can do

  • View up-to-the minute account balance and transaction information for deposit and loan accounts.
  • Transfer funds immediately or schedule one-time and recurring automatic transfers.
  • Select and manage e-Statements.
  • Make loan payments.
  • View images of checks.
  • Customize account names.
  • Download account information to other money management software such as Quicken, Microsoft Money or Quickbooks to eliminate monthly reconciling.
  • Contact First Security Bank through a secure e-mail link.

Online bill pay

  • Once you're using online banking you can enroll in FREE Online Billpay.  Click on the following demo for more information