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Transfers & Bill Pay

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Paying your bills should be a snap! And it is with First Security Bank’s bill pay process with e-statements to help you keep track of your expenditures.

Need to transfer funds? First Security Bank offers account-to-account and person-to-person transfers so you can seamlessly move money at your discretion.

Have questions? Contact a First Security Bank representative at 507-775-2316.

Transfers & Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay

Bill Pay is a safe and convenient tool to help you manage your bills online.

Once you’ve enrolled and entered your Payees, just enter a payment amount, schedule the payment date, and you’re done!

To Enroll in Bill Pay, log into your Online Banking... and click "Bill Pay" to begin enrollment.

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Account to Account Transfers

First Security Bank makes it easy to transfer funds between your accounts, or even at other financial institutions. This access allows you the flexibility to transfer funds immediately, schedule one-time transfer, and set up recurring automatic transfers.

Make a transfer now by logging into your account.

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Are you signed up for E-Statements (electronic statements)?

E-Statements are a safer way to view your account information, while saving you time in the process!

Once enrolled, you will be able to view your statements for up to 12 months. When a statement is available to view, you will receive an email notification.

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Internet Banking FAQs

What is the transaction cut off time?

Any transactions that take place prior to 3:00pm CDT on a business day, will be posted to your account on that day. Transactions occurring after 3:00pm CDT may be posted to the next business day. Transactions performed on Saturday, Sunday or a Federal Holiday, will be posted on the next business day.

What information to I need to sign up for online banking?

You will need an account number (checking, savings or loan number) and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.

How often can I change my password?

You may change it any time via the "change my password" under user options.

How far back can I review my transaction history?

You may review transaction activity for the current and previous statement cycle. Along with the statements, you may see an image of the checks that have been paid. Just click on the check number. Starting June 1, 2020, the history will start to build and store 24 months for viewing.

How do I transfer funds between accounts?

You may call First Security Bank, and any associate will be able to transfer for you. Otherwise, on-line banking allows transfers between First Security Bank accounts by using the express transfer button.  You may also use bill pay to transfer between your First Security Bank account and a non First Security Bank account.

How do I export transaction history into my Personal Finance Management software?

Select your account, then transaction and finally export transaction. You will then be asked which cycle and the format you would like to export in. It is easiest to export and save the file to your desktop then open your program and import the file from your desktop.

When using the Bill Payment option, how is the transaction completed?

When you initially sign up for bill pay, you will create your personal list of payees. You will need your account number, address of payee and phone number. Once that is established, you are ready to originate a bill payment. You may select the date you want the bill to be paid or accept the date that appears on the bill pay screen. You may also place a “rush” on the transaction for an additional fee.

How do I sign up for E-Statements

Once you have established your on-line banking relationship, under “User Profile”, you may set up all the accounts that you would like to start receiving E-statements and E-notices for.

E-Statement Disclosure Document

How do E-Statements get sent?

You will receive an e-mail that a notice/statement is available.  Log on to your on-line banking and select an account.  Once that account is opened, an “E-statement/Notice” tab will appear.  Open that tab and then select which account you would like to view, as well as type of notice and the date.